Creative Ways To Wear A Small Square Neck Scarf

To try the styling tricks described below you will need a small square (about 17") scarf made of light soft fabric like silk charmeuse. If you go with silk, we recommend a neckerchief finished with high-end hand-rolled edges, because machine-finished edges make silk scarves stiff.

The simplest way to wear a small square neck scarf is to tie it in front turning it into a choker. Wear it alone or layer with necklaces. It's a pretty, feminine, "lady-like" detail that adds a distinctive "styled" flair to your look in any season, whether you are sporting a jacket, a dress, or a T-shirt!

Our next style is slightly more formal: Tie your small silk scarf on the back of your neck; tuck in the corners or leave them alone. Play with the fold to make sure that the shapes or colors that work best with your outfit show on top. This style offers the benefit of protecting your neck from sun damage - wear it year-round, rain or shine, for flawless neck skin!

And now let's accessorize our favorite accessory - the handbag! Tie the scarf to the handle of your carryall tote for an instant style update. Printed silk will add visual sophistication to a minimalist or monochromatic purse, and will take your styling game to an entirely new level.

Let's tie our lovely neck scarf to a strap of your favorite crossbody bag...And if your crossbody is small enough, you can wrap it around the bag for a bold splash of color!

For real hardcore neck scarf fans, we have more! Wrap your scarf around your ponytail! Wear it on your wrist! Or....use it as a wineglass charm!