Women's black square silk scarf Alchemy

Printed large square silk scarf, 90cm / 36";  100% silk charmeuse, hand-rolled hem. Echoing the legendary philosophical tradition of alchemy, our Alchemy silk scarf is adorned with alchemical symbols and cryptic icons invoking mysteries and myths of alchemical arts.

Two Latin quotes from medieval alchemical writings are printed in the middle section of the scarf:

“Solvite corpora et coagulate spiritus.” (“Dissolve the matter and solidify the spirit.”)


“Quod natura relinquit imperfectum, ars perficit.” (“What nature leaves imperfect, art perfects.”)

The symbols and names of alchemical planetary metals and mundane elements line the edges of the scarf: White arsenic, copper, lead, antimony, nickel, steel, iron, brass, red arsenic, aqua vita, zinc, ash, crystal, gravel, vinegar, sulphur, lime, stone, and wood.

Medieval alchemists worked in secrecy, their art a spiritual quest for the sacred mysteries that set in motion the clockwork of the universe. As if candle-lit, the enigmatic symbols and drawings featured on the Alchemy scarf float on a deep black background evocative of the secrets lurking at the edges of our knowledge.

Luscious, flowing texture. Dry clean or hand-wash cold.  

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