Women's turquoise floral square silk scarf Iris

Turquoise-pink printed large silk scarf by Palace Affair - iridescent iris flowers, teal background. Square 90x90 cm / 36x36". 100% silk charmeuse, hand-rolled hem. 

In Greek mythology the goddess Iris personified the rainbow (‘Iris’ means ‘rainbow’ in Greek). Just as a rainbow reaches from heaven to earth, Iris was a link between the human world and the everlasting realms of the divine. Multi-coloured iris flowers were believed to have slipped down to earth from her magical iridescent veil.

 The three upright petals of the iris flower are said to symbolize faith, valor and wisdom. In the Middle Ages many Christian saints were often depicted with a lily or an iris flower, and at some point the iris became the fleur de lis symbol appearing on coats of arms, flags and state emblems of many European nations, not just the French monarchy and France.

So, an iris-flower-adorned veil was treasured by a Greek goddess, and fleur-de-lis-embroidered flags flew over the strongholds of Europe… and today the royal flowers fall on your shoulders: Our “Iris” scarf is your silken pledge to cherish hope, courage, and good judgement.

Luscious, flowing texture. Dry clean or hand-wash cold.

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