Blue red women's square silk scarf Pop Art Girls

Black-red 100% silk printed scarf, square 90x90 cm / 36x36". 100% silk, hand-rolled hem. Retro Pop Art motif.

Add a light-hearted note to your wardrobe and your day with our Pop Art Girls silk scarf.  Pop art girls are always glamorous, even when their eyes are full of tears. They always look put together, even when wearing pajamas! They never leave home without a silk scarf and a flawless manicure. They flirt, gossip and enjoy cupcakes and martinis in their fantasy drama world, and even though their idealized curves and exaggerative moods may be far from reality, they make you smile. They are echoes of something familiar - the mesmerizing quality of femininity with its irresistible blend of vulnerability and power.

Luscious, flowing texture. Dry clean or hand-wash cold.


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