Teal pink women's floral square silk scarf Birds

Turquoise-pink printed large silk scarf, square 90x90 cm / 36x36". 100% silk, hand-rolled hem. Floral - tree blossom, nest, eggs and colorful birds.  Aqua, sky blue, pink and yellow. Luscious, flowing texture. Words "The serious business of life" printed along the bottom edge. Dry clean or hand-washcold.

In many cultures birds symbolize freedom... a link between the mundane and the everlasting. They roam high and low, but they always come home to their nest. They work all day, but never forget to sing! They argue and even fight, but they flock to their family and fly in awesome formations. They can be vain and occasionally superficial, but they sacrifice a lot to their babies and are capable of altruism adopting chicks who lost their parents. So it's not all hopping from branch to branch, chirruping and wearing designer outfits. It's serious business to handle life's challenges with grace. 


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