Our current collection features stunning designs on classic carré - 90 cm (36" square) 100% silk scarves. Avoiding the monotony of repetitive patterns and simplistic symmetry, we seek complex, well-resolved composition of visual patterns and pay special attention to the organic distribution of color and design elements as our scarves are tied, wrapped and folded. Palace Affair scarves draw inspiration from nature, where similar and different elements blend into sophisticated flows and shapes, never slipping into sameness.

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Curated by Catherine Fet, New York City Fashion District-based designer and social butterfly, the Palace Affair collections feature original silk designs offering escape from the overused conventional themes that make so many classic silk scarves look the same. We infuse the classic scarf fashion tradition with the excitement of surprise and whimsy, evocative imagery, archetypal symbolism and the spirit of adventure. Our scarves celebrate the timeless magic and romance of femininity.

We are located in New York's Fashion District in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Our silk scarves are produced from exceptional quality premium silk with luxurious flowing texture and vibrant rich colors in a range of classic and modern fashion color palettes and exquisitely detailed motifs. All items are finished by hand with a delicate hand-rolled hem.

Silk is hypoallergenic. Also, unlike other fabrics, silk has natural temperature-regulating properties making it the perfect choice for any season and any weather. Silk is like chocolate with zero calories. Silk is instant luxury and an escape from the ordinary that you can enjoy every day.